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Film Processing

At AF Yule we have been processing films for years. We offer a range of film processing services, and most film processing and reprinting jobs can be completed same day.

We can develop any C41 colour or C41 Black & White 35mm/Aps films including disposable cameras, and either print them or scan them to a Cd or Usb stick.

We also reprint full sets of cut negatives or processed APS films and can print them out at any of our enlargement or canvas sizes.

All 35mm/Aps films and cut negatives are scanned using our Noritsu HS-1800-A Professional Film Scanner and then printed on our Noritsu Green II Minilab Professional Photo Printer.

All photos printed at AF Yule are individually checked and adjusted for brightness and contrast, colour balanced, and the crop adjusted where necessary.

Photos printed at AF Yule are brighter with punchier colours, and have better contrast with "whiter whites" and "blacker blacks" compared to photos printed on old fashioned "wet labs".

With AF Yules printing expertise and the improvements in our printing technology, you may see a real improvement in your films and old negatives.

Please note that we no longer process any other non C41 Black & White or slide films.

We can process C41 110, 126, 120 & 220 films only without printing, although we can still scan each image individually.

Our experienced staff will be glad to help. Please drop into our store or click below to contact us:

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